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How to SPEAK like a Professional and Get Paid

If you would like to attract more and better customers, clients, patients, and evangelicals for your brand by tapping into your "authentic" and untapped ability to lead, inspire, influence, and persuade… Then you absolutely MUST attend this 100% free 1-day intensive workshop from Australia's foremost expert on communication and influence…

The Master Class On Persuasion And Influence That Everybody's Talking About

Dear friend,
If you're an entrepreneur, small business owner, nonprofit director, or head of an organization:

How would you like to be able to effectively communicate your message to prospects, colleagues, and donors without having to use outdated or "slimy" sales tactics?

And how would you like to be able to affect permanent, long-lasting change in the customers, clients, patients and others that you serve on a daily basis? Allowing you to create an army of loyal brand evangelists that not only provide you financial income, but also work to help build your legacy as a mover and shaker in your industry?

What you're about to discover on this page, and more in depth when you attend this live full day workshop, will give you the tools, resources, and "unfair advantage" to do all this and more!
If you are a sales professional, public speaker, marketer, or someone who survives on real, revenue-based results:

How would you like to discover a more simple process for persuading others to purchase your services and products by uncovering the truth behind "true points of leverage", "authentic marketing position", and more?

What if you could put an end to "tire kickers", "time wasters", and unqualified prospects and instead replace them with eager, interested, qualified buyers?

The persuasion, influence, and communications skills that you'll discover in this free 1-day transformational event are guaranteed to arm you with the tools you need to turn your persuasion skills into real, measurable, results.

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Over 15 courses

6 books

Over 300 million people

Fortune 500 companies

36 countries

Millions made for clients

Learn Cutting-Edge Influence And Persuasion Techniques From Australia's Own "Rising Star" Success Story

Hi, my name is Sam Cawthorn, Founder & CEO of Speakers Institute, and I'd like to personally invite you - free of charge - to my brand-new live event we are calling:  

How to SPEAK like a Professional and Get Paid

You'll discover all of my best-kept secrets on developing powerful communication to persuade and influence others ethically, turning you into an in-demand, high valued individual no matter what marketplace or vertical you operate in.

These time-tested, proven techniques and strategies are the exact tools that I've used to become: An in-demand professional speaker (being paid as much as $50,000 for a single speaking gig), a high valued corporate consultant and trainer to Fortune 500 companies across the world (including Google, Toyota, BP and more…), And a best-selling author all in less than seven years time.

When Google, Citibank, Toyota, BP And Telstra Need Advice This Is The Bestselling Author They Turn To.

You may have seen me on The Morning Show… or read about me in News.com, the Sydney Morning Herald or even the New York Times. 

I get to travel the world, stay in fancy hotels, speak at high profile events and rub shoulders with some of the world’s most inspiring people and business elite.
My best calculation is that I speak to around 100,000 people a year.

I deliver training on leadership, transformational change and success to large companies and executive groups around the world. Some of my past clients include global brands such as Google, Exxon Mobil, BP and Citibank, just to name a few.

My bestselling book, Bounce Forward became #3 on the bestseller lists.

Because of my work, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd awarded me Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year in 2009. I got to attend the ceremony at ‘The Lodge’ in Canberra with some of our country’s most inspiring Australians, including cricket legends Glen McGrath and Adam Gilchrist. Today I am the Australia Day Ambassador.

I have appeared on The Morning Show, Cosmo, Financial Review, SMH and the Weekend Australian; among others.

If You Think Trying To Influence Others With Your Message Is Hard, Read This

Since a tragic accident that nearly killed me 9 years ago I’ve been fitted with the most advanced bionic arm in the world. Produced by the European company Touch Bionics and worth over $100,000, it feels amazing and has certainly made life a little easier; but I don’t wear it all the time. I have accepted my disability but it doesn’t hold me back. Not now, not ever.

But life wasn’t always this grand...

If you think trying to influence others with your message is hard now, try standing in front of a room full of skeptical peers with only one arm & scars running down the side of your head. Nerve wracking? Yes. Hard at first?

You betcha.
You see, after my accident nine years ago, I not only had to re-learn how to live my life…  

...I had to learn how to communicate all over again too.

From the ground up. A total communication makeover.

And it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

(You can experience this same total communication makeover too if you let me show you how)

And if a guy like me with the bionic arm can stand in front of an audience and persuade them to make massively transformational changes in their lives by simply relying on proven persuasion, influence, and communication techniques…  

… Then so can you.

These Communication "Secrets" Work And You'll Soon Discover Why

When you attend MASTERING COMMUNICATION FOR INFLUENCE totally free, you'll discover:
Why mastery of the "two tonality patterns" is essential for becoming an authority in your market… HINT: Once you discover the fundamental difference in the way authorities communicate with their audience (it's much different than you are communicating with your prospects right now) you'll be shocked at how simple it is to command the respect necessary for true persuasion and influence…
How to tap into closely guarded Hollywood-level storytelling techniques that - when used properly - allow you to instantly connect with people from all walks of life without having to memorize sales pitches, questionable persuasion techniques, or any prewritten scripts… You'll even get to see how I break down the complex world of storytelling into five simple stages that you can memorize in less than 30 seconds & start using immediately for incredible results…
The three hand gestures that I've discovered through massive amounts of trial and error that can make or break your ability to properly communicate and influence your audience… REMEMBER: Body language is 90%+ of the persuasion and influence "equation"…
"The Fulcrum" vs. " Lever Energy Model": Which works best for influencing large groups & which works best when working with people one-on-one? You'll be surprised to hear my answer, and you'll be even more shocked to discover how powerful these simple techniques really are…
My #1 body language tip that instantly makes you look "more intelligent" by doing the one thing you forget to do in your daily communication… Get this one thing right and you'll give yourself the "high ground" (especially effective when trying to negotiate with others)…
What professional speakers, hypnotists, and comedians can teach you about effective pacing during conversations that is practically guaranteed to win people over every time you deploy their technique…
I'll breakdown "Communicating For Affecting Change" into three simple steps… PLUS: You'll get all the tools, resources, and insights you need to immediately implement powerful communication techniques the second you walk out those event doors…
My top-rated 4 Step Communication Process that systematically breaks down ALL communication and provides you an in-depth analysis for understanding and controlling every conversation in your daily life…
Why "high-pressure situations" require a complete 180° turn in your communication philosophy and approach… If you get nervous before a public speaking event, a big pitch, or even a big company meeting it's because you've been approaching "high-pressure situation communication" totally wrong… Let me show you what to fix…
How to completely control a conversation and another human being even if you have absolutely nothing to say… PLUS: You'll discover the best times to simply keep your mouth shut even if you have an avalanche of information you feel you need to communicate… (If you want to make more sales more often, pay close attention to this part of the seminar)
How to use your very own Unique Passion Strategy to powerfully influence others by tapping into their emotional core… We'll even work together on developing your Unique Passion Strategy so that you'll have an emotionally evocative tool in your persuasion and influence tool kit…
My top 3 tips I've discovered over years of having to overcome a physically visible disability on how to overcome nerves, fill yourself with courage and confidence, and dominate an entire room of people even if public speaking is your worst nightmare…
The ONLY way you should EVER deliver bad news… And… You'll even discover how this simple technique can turn "bad news delivery" into a tool you can use to increase trust and therefore your persuasive power…
The 4 "Magical Positions Stagecraft" that will WOW your audience even if you've never spoken in public before… And… I'll reveal the EXACT strategies and systems I've used to become one of Australia's most in demand public speakers simply by using these 4 techniques…
Why you should NEVER do these 6 things when communicating with your audience or prospects… Ignore this advice at your own peril…
The step-by-step Communication Framework that every viral TED Talk has used since the forum began… We'll reverse-engineer the most popular persuasion and sales messages ever recorded and give you the blueprints for replicating their success…
How to use the "Forward and Back" technique for securing attention, demanding exclusivity, and ensuring that your message is received "loud and clear"…
Why positive intentional manipulation of your audience is not only "okay"… it's your responsibility and you've only "failed" if you haven't used all the tools of manipulation that you'll discover at this event to influence and affect others for good…
How to build and use your very own "Energy Timeline" to navigate the ins and outs of "Communication Energy" allowing you to ride the waves control the direction of your presentation, speech, or one-on-one communication…
And much, much, more…

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Think Of "Mastering Communication For Influence" As A Complete, Transformational, Intensive Workshop For Mastering The Arts Of Persuasion And Influence

MASTERING COMMUNICATION FOR INFLUENCE is for progressive business owners, sales professionals, marketers, and other leaders throughout the world who want to increase reach, influence, and incomes through adding tools of powerful communication to their skill set right now.

You'll discover the step-by-step instructions and blueprints that you can use immediately to start affecting positive change in your business, organization, or even in your own personal life.

If you've been searching for a way to shortcut the years of trial and error that come from mastering the art of influence then this is absolutely a MUST ATTEND EVENT!

And the best part is, that it's 100% absolutely free!

There's Something For Everyone At "Mastering Communication For Influence"

This 1-day event is perfect for anyone trying to approach the "leading-edge" of authority building through better persuasion and influence communication.

It doesn't matter if you've been in sales for 30+ years, or if you just started your very first business earlier this year. This event was created to teach time-tested, proven communication techniques and strategies that have never been revealed before to the public.

That means that you'll walk away with a brand-new set of knowledge, tools, and resources that you can use to implement no matter your past experience (success or failures), no matter your current income levels, and no matter your current goals or ambitions.

You see, unlike most seminars that leave you feeling "empty", MASTERING COMMUNICATION FOR INFLUENCE is all about providing you with a real "take-home" knowledge and information that you can use to leverage your position and progress towards your goals.

But perhaps the most powerful aspect of this all day event is the ability to surround yourself with motivated, like-minded individuals who are experiencing the same struggles and ups and downs as you are as they pursue goals and dreams similar to yours. If you've never felt the effect of being in a room full of people pumped up, excited, and ready to conquer the world just like you… ... Then I would highly encourage you to come feel that rush of motivation yourself firsthand at MASTERING COMMUNICATION FOR INFLUENCE.


This is a TRANSFORMATIONAL seminar… Not just an informational seminar.

There's a huge difference between the two, and you'll have to join us to experience it firsthand.


"Attending Sam's event has blown the lid off the possibilities for my business. Now I know the exact one place I need to go first in order to start everything exploding."
Jade Barclay – Expert Speaker
"Sam Cawthorn is an amazing communicator - he communicates powerfully both verbally and nonverbally, through his sparkling wit and gems of experiential wisdom."
Dr. Prateep V. Philip IPS
"Words can not describe the value I got. He is extraordinarily generous about everything he has learnt along the way. If you are already out there and need to refine what you are doing, you really need to come do this course."
Katheryn Orford – Youth Thought Leader
"Absolutely fantastic. It was invaluable."
Karen Cridland – Business Strategist
"It was fantastic. I can not recommend it more highly enough. So next time the event is on get to it."
Karen McComiskey – Activist
"I can't wait to implement the gold that we learnt."
Elijah Oxenham – Youth Speaker
"Can't tell you how brilliant it was. The best value add was connecting with the other people in the room."
Brett Murray – Bullying Expert
"Sam has the energy, ability and story that captivate audiences.
He is a master of the platform."
Dan Poynter – The International Federation For Professional Speakers.
"Great sprit, great message, great guy. Watch and listen to Sam for valuable life lessons"
W Mitchell
"Sam Cawthorn reaches folk and teaches folk through a wonderful mixture of humour, energy, compassion, passion and a wisdom borne from who he is and what he has survived."
Glenn Capelli CSP – Churchill Fellow & Nevin Awardee
"It’s truly been a life-changing experience - one that you learn a heap about professional speaking as much as about yourself. Something I wouldn’t change for the world. It’s a new beginning and I can’t wait for what the future holds. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity."
Ben Pettingill – Professional Speaker
"Oh it was just an amazing transformational experience. I totally found myself. I found my power. I found my mission and I am going to rock it. You need to do this. It will change your life. The Team are brilliant. I thank you for the experience."
Daniela Birch – Entertainer & Radio Guest Speaker
"The best things about Bootcamp are being with other people who’s supportive, learning how to be a professional speaker, and learning how to take it out there and change the world."
Rhonda Daly – Environmental Entrepreneur
"I’ve had a great time here at The Speakers Institute Program with Sam Cawthorn and his awesome team. To see people transformed before our eyes in their speaking abilities was wonderful. So much good training, it’s been an awesome time."
Mark Bilton – Corporate Executive
"I teach transformation and I’ve been transformed. If you are serious about being on the speakers circuit, and if you’re serious about gaining confidence in yourself, you need to be here. Don’t think about it. Get on the phone. Book in. Come and do it. It’ll change your life."
Dr. Rosemary McCallun - Abundant Life Solutions
"I had a great time – learned so much from different thought leaders, speakers, and I just really feel like I got what it takes to really move my message to the next level."
Eric Agyeman – Education Entrepreneur and speaker
“My business started today. I’m so excited I’ve been given all the tools, support and the resources I need to create the business that is in my heart to create. The world is going to hear my message and I’m so excited."
Kylie Warry - Professional Speaker & Founder of Teamology
"I’ve done a lot of training - a lot of personal development over the years but this was something really different to anything I’ve done before on so many levels. It really gets you outside your box in terms of your thinking. It helps you clarify. It helps you with your direction. It helps you question a lot of things both in your personal and professional life. But despite all of that there is a great supportive environment that is very different to any other professional development course I’ve done before."
Sharon Richens – CEO at Concept Rehab

This 1-Day Intensive Seminar WILL Fill Up Fast So Don't Hesitate To Sign Up Now!

As of right now, we can only accept 100 attendees for the MASTERING COMMUNICATION FOR INFLUENCE live event.
Due to the intense nature of this event, along with the venue restrictions that have been forced upon us, we have to limit registration… And yes, this is a hard and fast rule.

PLEASE NOTE: This event WILL fill up.

The last time we hosted an event of this nature we sold out within a few days.

And because this event is FREE we are anticipating to "sell out" even faster.

If you want to attend this event (if you've made it this far in the letter then you clearly do) there is absolutely no logical reason to procrastinate registering now to claim your spot at the event.

If you'd like to ensure your spot then all you have to do is click on the big green button below.

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Here's Why You Can't Say "No" To This Event

Right now, your brain is going to try and tell you that you "don't have time" to attend clearly free, transformational all day event.

I get that. My brain tries to trick me into not doing the things that will help me get closer to my dreams and goals too.

But you have to somehow muster the internal strength to tell yourself:
"Yes, I'm ready to achieve the goals I've set for myself, and I recognize that MASTERING COMMUNICATION FOR INFLUENCE is an unbelievably fortunate opportunity for me to get closer to those goals without having to spend a penny to get those results."
Simply put, it's getting tougher and tougher to get people to pay attention to you. The average consumer today is more skeptical. People are holding onto their money tighter than ever.

You urgently need new, updated and proven techniques and tactics for better communicating your message and influencing the important people in your life and market that will help you achieve the goals that you've set for yourself.
If you currently struggle with sales and marketing and you can't quite figure out what you're doing wrong…
If you're tired of hearing the word "no" every time you pitch or propose your ideas or message to prospects and colleagues…
If you're confused and bewildered by the fact that some people seem to have the " magic touch" when it comes to persuasion and influence…
If you're frustrated by your inability to command respect, be paid proper fees for the value that you offer, or make connections with important people in your market…
Or even if you're already a master of sales, persuasion and influence but are simply looking for ways to "sharpen your sword"…

The second you walk through those doors and feel the energy, excitement, and combined wisdom that awaits you at this 1-day intensive you'll quickly realize how incredible an opportunity this FREE event truly is.

  You'll be shocked at the openness and transparency that you'll witness firsthand as I give you EVERYTHING you need (tools, resources, and information) to start communicating, persuading, and influencing better.

What are you waiting for?

Here's Your Chance To Get Persuasion And Influence Right

So, if your desire is to become a better influencer and receive the benefits of being viewed by others as an authority…  

… Then all you have to do is click that big green button below and register yourself for this free transformational event.

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